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Many automobile security companies also offer services that will notify police or ambulance services if the driver is involved in an accident. The ADT touch pad is a key feature, and, in many ways, functions as the “brains” of the home security system. The touch pad is a wall mounted unit that owners use to activate the system so that it is prepared to alarm when triggered. If a door or window contact is broken, or an interior motion sensor is breached, an audible alarm will go off in the home. ADT systems can be customized to include a two way intercom. If an interior, or exterior, siren goes off, the voice of a live ADT security representative will come over the intercom to ask the homeowners about their safety and confirm that help is on the way from the police.

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Bellevue case, the court sought to challenge the legitimacy of searchers carried out by private security in a company to recover property or reduce asset theft.

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All private security officers must meet the applicable statutory requirements and any criteria that have been established by the employer.

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Should they be different, should it be enterprise wide ignoring the special needs of any particular site.

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It is obvious what most sensors do, so we will only describe the main ones used in a basic system.